Sunday, December 11, 2005

I'm a bad person

Space Cadets is currently airing on Channel 4, which I find interesting. Not because I’m interested in the show, but because I’m interested in space, and have been lucky enough to study it on several occasions. I’ve done a design project for a lunar sample acquisition robot, my thesis was on optical imaging techniques to improve on-board landing site selection, and I’m currently taking a class in spaceflight mechanics. Unfortunately, it turns out that the only reason I’m actually in to the show is because it makes me feel smug and smart.

I have real disdain – well it’s more like hatred, actually – for most reality shows (with the important exceptions of The Apprentice and Dragons' Den, which are both awesome). I truly believe that its TV for the lowest common-denominator, and look down on anybody who watches them, let alone actually enjoys them, as incredibly stupid. I feel that I’m vastly superior to the people on the shows, and to the majority of those who follow their inane goings on. For the most part, I reckon that’s justified

In this case, I have an understanding of space engineering, and therefore feel like I’m on the ‘inside’ and know what’s really going on. I find it reassuring that other people are amazed at stuff that I find second nature. People think that space stuff is all so complicated and clever and mysterious, and it makes me feel good about myself that I can do some of this 'amazing' stuff.

It’s at times like this that I wish I was a better person. I’m becoming a snob, and the worst part is that I’m not even actually that smart. I just like to feel like I am.


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