Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I’m going to go out on a limb here and put all my cards on the table. Well, most of them; I’ll save some of them for another time.

I was driving home from the supermarket tonight, listening to a documentary on the radio alleging that the Bush administration regularly interferes with scientific research on global warming. And then it hit me (OK, so loads of people saw this coming a hell of a lot sooner than I did). America is inexorably and inescapably on it’s way down. The balance of power is shifting as we speak. It’s not about to happen – it IS happening.

9/11 was a wake up call that wasn’t heeded, and 7/7 was perpetrated because we were being hit with more of the same. The US & UK governments would have you believe these acts were carried out because terrorists hate people and hate ‘our way of life and our freedoms’. That’s crap. Those evil people did those terrible things because of what the US & UK governments are doing to their people – supporting corrupt regimes, pillaging their natural resources and, most of all, killing their innocent brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers with bombs, tanks and guns . The bo’Islamic fundamentalists’ had had enough. Of course, in Islam killing thousands of innocent people is not the correct way of sending any sort of message, and under no circumstances can murder of any innocents be justified – whether perpetrated by an individual, a ‘terrorist network’ or by the state.

The reason I say America is inevitably and unavoidably on the way down is that there is a growing tide of resentment towards the American government (and the people who elected them). To non-Americans, the US doesn’t stand for peace, democracy and freedom and more. It stands for bombing, killing, exploiting, torturing, and looking after number one. This isn’t just evident in the wars they have started, but in the US’s attitude towards global climate change, global trade tariffs, the UN, and the dictatorial regimes they prop up in countries where they need the oil.

And now, with competition from global powers like those emerging in the Far East, and with the growing contempt in which America is held, and with the ever-increasing number of scandals hitting modern day White House administrations, it is blatantly obvious that America is no longer as strong as she once was. She’s still top of the pile, but there is an uncontrollable chain of interwoven events that has started rolling. And I for one will be cheering when she finally falls from her scandal-ridden, blood soaked perch.


Anonymous Osama Saeed said...

Who's going to take over then?

5/1/06 1:42 am  
Blogger Atif said...

Oooo... those are the cards I'm not yet ready to put on the table! Maybe in another post sometime... ;-)

8/1/06 1:54 am  

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