Saturday, December 24, 2005

Holidays? What holidays?

A more personal note tonight. I always hate reading personal blog posts like this. I mean really, who cares what's going on inside somebody's head? But I said at the very start that this blog is more about me than my readers, so tough.

As much as I hate my terrible procrastination habit, I can feel myself starting to become something of a workaholic. For a start, I don't like being idle - I always have to be 'doing' something - even if it's just sitting here in front of this computer screen.

So I've got a few things on the go just now. Some pretty major family stuff, for a start. But I won’t go in to that (yet). Then there's uni stuff, i.e. exams to study for and an ongoing Masters project. Really, that should be enough to keep me going over the holidays.

But no... I had to go and get myself involved in some other things, too. I've been working as a teaching assistant during term time, helping out with engineering mechanics tutorials that are taught to first and second years. A few of the students in that class have asked for some tutoring over the holidays, so I'm doing a few hours of that on top.

And now I’ve gone and landed myself in it even further. I worked for an engineering company in the summer of 2004, after I came back from Toronto. One of the things I did while I was there was write a 12 month status report for the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI), on a solar panel installation they had funded (or the LSBIPVFT, to give it it's stupid government acronym). Well, I got an email from my ex-boss on Wednesday asking if I’d have the time to write the 24-month report that’s now due… and because I’m stupid I said yes. For some reason, I don’t like turning things like this down. I don't know why I do it to myself.

If you have read this far, then I really do owe you a thank you. You're a better person than I am (I know that's not saying much, but hey!).


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