Monday, February 20, 2006

No wonder it's so big

I am, of course, talking about the internet (or t'internet, as its known in Yorkshire). As part of my Masters project, my group has to produce a website detailing the project itself and our final product. I won’t bore you with the details just now (I’m saving that for another time), but, naturally, the job of creating the website fell upon me.

I’ve never, ever created my own website. I’ve been told by a million people that html is dead easy to learn, but I’ve never believed them because I’ve tried and failed to learn it, several times. I was determined that this time would be different. And with the help of a piece of software costing several hundred pounds (cough cough), it has been. I’ve actually created something half decent, and even learnt a little html and Javascript along the way.

The point is that if I can make a half decent website with no prior knowledge whatsoever – literally, none – then so can anybody. Now, to anybody with half a brain that’s been obvious for several years, what with the proliferation of the internet and the websites it comprises. There are two reasons the net is so prolific today – it’s free, and it’s easy to add to.

Of course, until recently, the ‘adding content’ bit of the net has been reserved for those with at least half a brain (you still need some ability to learn). The difference with blogging, however, is that you don’t even need that much. It’s the internet for dummies. And when you invite dummies to add to the net (ala me), the result is millions and millions and millions of pages of self-absorbed, emotional garbage and unbelievably ill-informed opinions.

I don’t really have a problem with that, though. A lot of people do, but I don’t really understand why. It’s not as if anyone holds a gun to your head and forces you to read anything. You have choice. So let the dummies keep adding to the internet – it’s in the nature of the beast.

I’m not really sure what the point is that I’m trying to make in all of this. I’m just glad that adding to internet is easy, and getting easier. That’s good for everyone.

Yeah. That’s it.


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so whats the site?

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