Thursday, April 06, 2006

Drivers of Change

As I've mentioned before, I'll be moving to London to join an engineering firm called Arup this September. I've also mentioned before that I'm really quite fascinated with the future and what it might bring. What does the surveillance society mean for us? When will building have to generate all of the energy they use? How will the Earth sustain you and nine billion other people?

Well, whaddya know... a few weeks ago, Arup released a set of 50 cards called 'Drivers of Change'. These cards are the result of Arup's Foresight & Innovation team's research in to the forces that are shaping our world. They're themed around five main areas; social, economic, political, environment, and technology, with ten cards under each area. Each card has a picture on the front and some text and a graphic on the back.

Unfortunately the set of cards costs £20 to buy, but from what I've managed to dig up on the internet, they make for some interesting reading. The cards cover everything from atomic engineering to fear to food legislation to urbanization. It's a comprehensive look at the world around us and how it's changing. I might even splash out and buy myself a set.

I can't wait to get started working for them. Be sure to check out the Drivers of Change website.


Blogger Robin said...

over a month... seriously???
Dude, get your act together!

13/5/06 1:27 am  

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