Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wired on Work

I’ve been feeling particularly wired these last few days. As ever, I’ve left assignments and stuff later than I should have, and am now finding it hard to think about absolutely anything else – despite the fact that there are some pretty big things going on in my life right now. Systems Engineering and Spaceflight Mechanics and Group Project rule my mind and my thoughts.

Despite that fact, I did manage to get out to play football tonight. Probably should have stayed in to get work done, but a week doesn’t feel complete without my game of football on a Wednesday night. Plus, it was nice not to be thinking about uni for an hour or so.

Dean’s certificates were handed out at uni today. They’re awarded to all students who achieved an average of over 70% in the previous year. Only, the email that went out telling people they’d been awarded a certificate and that they should go to collect them went out to the whole of mechanical engineering, not just those who had actually achieved the grades. The poor wee dears in the mech eng office were terribly flustered by the huge line of students who went up demanding a certificate, when there were none to be found.

I find the idea of these wee women getting all confused and harried, without a clue what’s going on, rather entertaining. Oh, the things that amuse you when you’re wired on work.

Roll on May 2006 - unfortunately, there’s not a hope in Hell of getting any sort of break before then.


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