Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Normal service is resumed...

So I’m finished exams now and my life can resume some sort of normalcy; i.e. it’s no longer disruptive to my schedule to have to do such things as talk to my family, eat and wash my clothes. Having my life back is complete awesomeness.

I’m very excited about a new opportunity that has come my way. After my final exam on Monday, Spaceflight Mechanics, I got home to find an email from my lecturer. Basically, there are some opportunities to join the Flight Dynamics Division (FDD) at the European Space Agency’s (ESA) European Space Operations Centre (ESOC). Gotta love the acronyms! The opportunity to work at ESA doesn’t normally come about until you have at least a few years’ experience in industry, which is why I’m so excited.

Basically, the FDD is responsible for planning the required orbital manoeuvres of satellites Europe has sent up in to space, such as keeping them pointing in the right direction, moving them around the Earth to point at different targets and ensuring mission goals are met. It’s a phenomenal opportunity, and given my background in both space engineering and IT, I hope I’ve got a good chance of getting the gig. I’m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed - even though it would need me to move to Germany (ah well, we can’t have it all!).

In other news, I managed to completely lose my glasses (duh), was offered a summer job by a previous employer (yay), and am currently enjoying West Wing series 7 and Shameless series 3 (ohh la la). Oh, and I bought some socks today (at last).

Rather than boring you with the mundanity that is my life, I’ll probably be back to boring you with my usual futile ranting and raving tomorrow.


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